­čÖĆLord Please Save Us From Ourselves! ­čÖĆ

The words of the beloved Ravi from 2016 ring true right now in 2020, his way with words has always been so compelling and his love for the Lord is so mighty!

“Our differences seem to lead us even farther apart. Oh, Lord of miracles, do what only you can do to save us from ourselves. Give us men and women who will lead us to reconciliation. Give us leaders who will bind us up to heal our wounds, not those who will only incite more hate.

Give us voices that will bring hope and not despair. Please comfort the bereaved and give humility to the ones who are resistant to your ways. Give us pause so that we might sit back for just a few moments to look to you before we look at our impulsive solutions.”

Article: Lord, Save Us from Ourselves: A Prayer for Justice and Peace