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This is Meg’s spiritual journey of TRUTH seeking that eventually led her to Jesus Christ our Lord Almighty!
Mark’s transformation from being lost in Atheism, falling into New Age beliefs, being an avid Ghost Hunter, and then being saved by the almighty Jesus Christ!
Meg was invited to share her testimony at the IF:Gathering 2020 San Antonio!
This video focuses on Mark’s past experience of ghost hunting, what the Bible has to say about the subject (and divination in general), and why he turned away from the practice.

Mark leads the 08/21/22 Sunday morning Bible study at Hyde Park Church of Christ. A study he titled “Seeking Things Above”, a study on Colossians 3.

Old Hymns on The Front Porch

Meg has been listening to some old hymnal covers by Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson as of late and has been inspired to make her own covers! What started out as filming these videos on our own porch in Texas has already grown to feature friends’ porches in Indiana! What a joy it has been to embrace these hymns and sing them in God’s incredible outdoors. We are so excited to see what other porches and people God brings into our lives to sing His glory!

“I’ll Fly Away”
“In The Garden”
“Ain’t No Grave”
“Revive Us Again”
“Revelation Song”
“Because He Lives”
“When The Roll is Called Up Yonder”
“I Saw The Light”