About Us

We are Mark & Meg Morrow-Rainwater, once heavy followers of the New-Age and practitioners of the Occult, we have broken free from satan’s deceptions! We believe in God almighty and that Jesus is Lord! Before being saved we believed in every New-Age belief there was… healing crystals, meditation, transcendentalism, spiritism, magic, chakras, third eye and kundalini awakening, astrology, divination… The list of practices goes on and on.

When we became Saved, God shed the scales from our eyes and for the first time we saw how deceived we had been most of our lives. All glory to God!

We know that God has used our paths down the road of darkness to build our testimonies. Our tests are our testimony and our history is HIS Story! We feel so grateful to finally be children of God gifted with the Holy Spirit and our goal in our ministry is to take Ephesians 5:11 to heart “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them”. We want to bring light upon the deception that is happening all over the world and even in our churches, so that others that are lost may find the one TRUE path.

We both strive to grow closer to God everyday and we want to share our experience with you as we grow.

❤ Join us as we walk with Jesus Christ ❤