Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Please check out the amazing work of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad if you get the chance today. You can also take an online course to be a Responder in your area to help #StopHumanTrafficking!!

In 2013, the beginning of Operation Underground Railroad was sparked by the story of Gardy Mardy, who was kidnapped from his family. Gardy’s story reached Tim Ballard, who was working as a federal agent for the U.S. government. As someone who led dozens of child exploitation cases, he was devastated when he discovered he could not make this a U.S. case. He made a promise to Gardy’s father and left his government job to begin the search for the little boy.

Although he is still missing today, we will never give up until we FIND GARDY.

To date, we have rescued over 3,800 survivors and assisted in the arrests of over 2,100 traffickers and predators.

Gardy’s story has led to the freedom of thousands.

In his name, we will continue to show the world that no child should ever be for sale.

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