Assert The Truth and Attack The False

“The Doctor” is THE best preacher of the 20th century, hands down! He’s an expert at making unbelievers and professing believers uncomfortable with the Truth in God’s Word!

This modern day preaching about God’s grace with no mention of His Holiness has got to stop. One of the dangers of the postmodern church is that some professing Christians will replace the Almighty God with a lesser deity of their own making. Men and women who claim to love God, will subtly de-emphasize attributes of His nature that disturb their sensibilities. They create a deity that is more appropriate to their own worldview. Some folks that really do love God can often do the same thing by stressing the more attractive of His attributes and not paying any mind to elements that offend and/or convict them.

This lack of fear could potentially come from the fact that folks take His grace for granted. His unending grace should push us to repentance but since the human heart is so wicked and corrupted we take His grace for granted, and when He punishes sin we think He is unjust in doing so.

Some folks don’t even think the Old Testament God should be spoken of or listened to since He was so “violent.” I have had conversations with professing Christians that have actually said that God is different now, and the Old Testament God is obsolete. They have used this backwards reasoning to justify their practicing of certain sins that are condemned mostly in the Old Testament, but also in the New Testament.

God is loving, but He is also just!
He is Holy and He is to be feared. Please don’t forget. 🙏

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