Beware The Lies of Emotionalism

Having a genuine relationship with Jesus should not be gauged by emotions, we are not to “seek a high” so to speak. I’ve noticed in a lot of mainstream Christian churches emotions have become an idol and it’s unsettling and misleading to new believers.

“We’re encouraged to use our feelings, rather than the facts of Scripture, as a gauge to see where we’re at spiritually. Strong faith is equated to a crazed, emotional high, to being “on fire for God”… but anything less is labeled as weak faith (or even, no faith). Youth especially are wrongly taught to evaluate their standing with the Lord by their emotions.

And even though the Christian faith is based on objective truth and historical realities–in particular, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ–we are still tempted to look inward and fix our eyes on our fickle feelings and momentary moods instead of the unchanging Lord of glory.”

Article: Beware The Lies of Emotionalism

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