The Lies Of Political “Christianity” Today

Since being saved and developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ I’ve had a handful of people assume that I am now a Trump supporter for some reason. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I pray for him like the Word of God commands us to (1 Timothy 2:1-4), and I hope God saves him too, but I do not believe he is a born again Christian with the Holy Spirit living within him based on all the foul things he says and does and the especially the fact that he has the heretic Paula White as his spiritual advisor.

To add to that, being a political conservative is not evidence that makes you a genuine Christian, and if you are a liberal in America or support leftist agendas you are most definitely not a born again Christian since the liberal agenda is clearly antagonistic to the Kingdom of God.

“The answers aren’t found in the white house they are found in God’s house.”

Apostasy Report – The Lies Of Political “Christianity” Today: