Don’t Be Ignorant, Be a Truth Seeker

If I wasn’t a truth seeker since the young age of 12,
I never would have found the TRUE Jesus Christ 20 years later. I have always been very open-minded and quick to let go of ideas that proved to be untrue.
Some people think that Christians are close-minded and narrow thinkers, and you would be right, there are some Christians like that. Our minds are narrowly focused on our Creator (at least, they should be.)

I NEVER thought I would be considered a Christian one day until I had an encounter with Jesus Christ! I met a lot of professing Christians in my life that NEVER shared the good news with me, either they were scared of being rejected, didn’t care enough about my salvation, or frankly just didn’t even know the good news themselves. I’ll never know. But what I DO know is that Jesus is Lord and He died for everyone’s sins so we could come into communion with God. Jesus was raised from the dead 3 days later proving His divinity and the fact that we too will be raised from the dead when He returns and He gives all genuine believers the gift of His Holy Spirit so we can become more like Jesus every day if we obey the whispers of the Helper.

I know this is true because ever since I was gifted the Holy Spirit my entire life has changed, my worldview is different, my circle of friends is different, and most importantly my heart, mind, and spirit are different.

Please don’t be a lazy Christian, a lazy agnostic, or a lazy atheist. We’re all gonna die someday whether you like to think about it or not. Eternity is a long time to be completely separate from the Living God.

Seek the Truth! Jesus said all who seek Him, will find Him! HALLELUJAH!! 🙏❤✝ Lasting peace and joy all come from YHWH!

“A noble people seek the truth and seek it honestly. They are open to seeking the truth in the Scripture as well as to seeking it in the world. Not everyone is honest in seeking the truth. Some claim to seek the truth but have closed minds to other approaches to the truth. They are closed to approaches that differ from the approach they wish to pursue. This is particularly true with the truth of Scripture and of Christ. Humankind has a bias and prejudice against the truth of Scripture and Christ. Therefore, in their pursuit of truth, people ignore and sometimes mock Biblical truth.”