Suffering Has a Purpose in God’s Plan

This was a really informative and interesting conversation that took place in my Building Christian Community in a Time of Crisis, Change, and Social Distancing class through Austin Graduate School of Theology (what a mouth full haha!) if anyone is interested in giving it a listen!! It’s so cool being able to have an online class with fellow believers all over the world!! Suffering indeed has a purpose in God’s redemptive plan, it is used to transition one from an old creation to a new creation in Christ. A purification process so to speak. God is so so GOOD, He is always making meaning in all that He does even when it doesn’t quite make sense to our little human minds!

Great to have everyone for our first session today with Dr. John Mark Hicks on "**Mission, Suffering, & God’s Redemptive…

Posted by James Nored on Tuesday, May 5, 2020